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Individual Assessment and Treatment

Our team provides individualised assessment and treatment for children. These supports may occur in our clinic, at home, in the community, and in educational settings such as childcare, preschool and school.

For older clients, support is available for transition to post-school options and adult services.

Individual supports are designed for each child’s specific needs, interests and goals. We work in collaboration with your child’s team, including family, extended family, educators and other services.

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Holiday Groups

ValleyKids offer a range of school holiday groups. Children who attend have lots of fun and build their confidence.

Holiday groups are an opportunity for children to meet new people, make friendships and develop independence in a relaxed, friendly group environment.

Groups are designed to cater for a variety of interests and may include cooking, creative arts, mindfulness and movement activities.

Secret Agent Society (SAS) Social Skills Group

Helping children feel happier, calmer, braver, make friends and keep them!

SAS is a small group social skills program for children aged 8 to 12 years who have social and emotional challenges, including those children with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders or social difficulties without formal diagnosis.

Evidence shows that the program:

  • Significantly improves children’s social-emotional skills and behaviour and these improvements can be maintained over time.
  • Increases parent and teacher confidence in supporting social and emotional development.

The program is delivered by our accredited SAS Trainer and includes:

  • Child Club Meetings with fun spy-themed games and activities that help your child to learn and practice skills.
  • Parent information sessions and mentor portal for parents to access parent meeting notes and their child’s journal and skill tracker.
  • Weekly Teacher tip sheets to keep your child’s teacher informed about program learning and how they can support the use of skills in the classroom and playground.
  • SAS Digital Headquarters with four levels of games played at home to teach children to recognise emotions in themselves and others, express their feelings appropriately and cope with social challenges.
  • Weekly Missions for children to practise the skills learnt in Club Meetings.
  • Skill Tracker to encourage and reward children for practicing skills at both home and school.

More information on the SAS program can be found at:

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Aquatic Physiotherapy

Aquatic Physiotherapy is fun! Many children love the water and can achieve more in the pool than on land. Your physiotherapist uses the properties of water, such as buoyancy, decreased weight bearing force, resistance, turbulence and hydrostatic (water) pressure to achieve treatment goals. Treatments in the water may include:
  • Facilitation of movement patterns and motor learning.
  • Demonstration and correction of exercises.
  • Manual (hands-on) therapy.
  • The development of water safety and independent movement in water.
  • Prescription of modified swimming activities.
Aquatic Physiotherapy can:
  • Improve motor skills and coordination.
  • Re-train functional skills (e.g., walking, stairs).
  • Increase range of movement, flexibility, and muscle strength.
  • Improve balance, postural control, and stability.
  • Increase fitness and endurance.
  • Decrease muscle tone.
  • Provide sensory input (visual, vestibular, tactile, proprioception, auditory).
  • Increase water confidence and safety.
  • Provide relaxation and improve wellbeing and self-esteem.
  • Reduce pain.